Marzaan Boshoff

Marzaan Boshoff

Преподаватель - носитель языка

Hi. My name is Zaan, formerly known as Marzaan and I am from South Africa. I choose to come to Russia for the cultural immersion and enrichment and also to pursue my passion for teaching. I specifically chose The English club because I want to work for a school with a good reputation, international acclaim and a wide variety of student proficiencies. I have always thought that teaching English was to transfer knowledge and skills from one generation to the next; while fostering the personal and social development of students. In seeing how the teachers at The English club use effective teaching techniques to help cultivate a love of English and a desire to continue learning the language even when it becomes challenging, it adds a new meaning to the way I perceive teaching. In addition the definition of ‘teaching’ can and will never have one compartmentalised meaning. I am proud to be a part of a school that gives a new meaning to language learning everyday and not only ignite a passion in the students but the teachers as well.


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